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      Customer reception
      A comfortable environment, sincere service, mature standard procedure...... The reception staff will listen to your specific needs, arrange for your service professional sales staff.

      Determine requirements
      The company has professional auto sales staff, sales staff will carefully to understand your needs (including the type, quantity, whether to need to modify or accessories), according to the specific circumstances for your proposed buying advice.

      Product introduction
      Sure you want to know the specific model and demand, the sales staff will provide you a detailed presentation of the product specific configuration, market price, after sale service etc.. The different characteristics of the sales staff will be the product model makes a fair comparison. Printed publicity materials have in store, convenient for you.

      Sales negotiation
      When you have the intention to buy the selected product models, please contact the sales personnel delivery time, payment terms etc. the further negotiation.

      The signing and payment
      Determine the purchase of parts, the sales staff will give you ready to "Accessories sales contract" signed, in order contracts and the delivery of the deposit, you will success has its own parts products.

      After-sale service
      Service sales network follow the relevant service standard "blue commitment", will be on your commitments into test specification for rigid standards and system, in order to ensure professional, fast, thoughtful, honest service attitude to provide you with efficient, professional, quality service, let you get the full range of protection and the best quality service.

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